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AWE Core 8 API Quick Start

Click the links below to navigate the AWE Core integration documentation:

  1. Introduction

    1. Terms and Definitions

    2. Additional Documentation

  2. Overview of Integration Steps

  3. Including Headers and Link Libraries

    1. Required Header Files

    2. Required Libraries

    3. Helper Code

  4. Setting Up the AWE Instance

    1. Declaring the Required Variables

    2. Configuring the AWE Instance

    3. Initializing the IO Pins

    4. Initializing the AWEInstance

  5. Setting up a Tuning Interface

  6. Realtime Audio

    1. RT Audio Introduction

    2. RT Audio Integration Steps

    3. Sample Formats and Converting to Fract32

    4. Multi-Rate Processing

    5. Multi-Rate Scheduling

  7. Deferred Processing

  8. Standalone Operation

    1. Loading from an Array

  9. AWE Core Scheduling and Priority

  10. Setting up a Control Interface

    1. Control Interface Overview

    2. Control Interface Steps

  11. Optimization

    1. Heap Sizing and Placement

    2. Module List Optimization

  12. Multi Instance

    1. Multi Instance Introduction

    2. Multi Instance Concepts/Use Cases

    3. Multi Instance Tuning Interface Setup

    4. Multi Instance Pseudocode Examples

  13. Latency

    1. Overview of Latency in AWE Core

    2. Conditions that Impact Latency

      1. Equivalent Blocksizes – Double Buffering

      2. Order of AWECore API Calls – Import Pump Export

      3. Pump Inline with Callback – Pump Context

  14. Troubleshooting and Common Pitfalls

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