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This library embedded in the FrameDll.lib contains a collection of useful functions for developing custom audio modules.  At a minimum, each function is implemented in C to provide functionality on the PC and baseline performance on embedded processors.  In some cases, functions have been optimized in assembly for specific processors.

The functions provided fall into 3 broad categories:

  • Fractional math library — code which emulates fractional arithmetic on the PC.  This is used to first develop Blackfin modules on the PC.  See FractMath.h.

  • Filter design library — filter design and coefficient calculation routines for basic filter types.  In floating-point or double precision.  See FilterDesign.h

  • Math helper library — floating-point versions of the math library.  Used on the PC.  See MathHelper.h.

Refer to the individual header files for a description of each function and its arguments.

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