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Wave Table Oscillator

About This Guide

This application note describes the usage of Wave Table Oscillator Module in the AudioWeaver Designer and demonstrates its uses.

Wave Table Oscillator Module

The module can be found in Sound Design ->Wave Table Oscillator in the Module Bar on the left-hand side of AudioWeaver Designer.

Figure 1: Wave Table Oscillator Module Location

Module Functional Description

This module is a function generator with input pins to control frequency and phase of the generated wave form. The module can generate sine, square, triangle, sawtooth and custom definable waves via table readout.

The formula for a custom table output is for example: -

Y(n) = Sin (Ω°*nT + Sum(k=0) ^n *x[k] +Φ)

Where, Ω° is the nominal frequency in radians; T is the sample period; Φ is phase in radians.

Input/output Pins

  • Frequency is the input pin for this module which accepts the control frequency with the output audio/waveform is played.

  • Phase is the input pin for this module which accepts the phase of the waveform to be played at the output pin.

  • Out1/Out2 is/are the audio output pins of the module depending on if mono or stereo channel has been selected in the Arguments: Mode.


Arguments can be found Rt Click View Properties second tab in the properties as shown. The figure below shows arguments of the Wave Table Oscillator module.

Figure 3: Arguments in Wave Table Oscillator Module


To demonstrate the workings of the Wave Table Oscillator module we are using the example below. We want the module to output a Stereo Channel with 256 Block size, 48kHz Sample Rate, Waveform1 and Waveform 2 are both Sine. We are changing the frequency after every 5secods by Counter module which is set to 5000msec for time increment. The counter output is connected to a Table Lookup module with 10 inputs for frequencies as shown in the Lookup table below. According to the input frequency we get appropriate waveform at the output pins which can be seen at Sink1. Here the counter is at 8 which translates to 7000 Hz in the Lookup table and as seen correctly in the Sink1 module in Frequency mode.

Figure 4: Wave Table Oscillator Module Example

Changing it for the example below we have Waveform at Sine and Waveform2 at Square with the output shown below.

Sine.wav WaveTableOscillator_Example.awd Square.wav

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