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Forward FFT of fractional data


Computes the fast Fourier transform of a fractional input signal yielding a complex half spectrum. The blockSize, N, of the input must be a power of 2 in the range [2...65536]. The output pin is complex with a blockSize of N/2+1 complex samples. The output pin contains the complex transform data for FFT samples k=0, 1, ..., N/2. The DC (k=0) and Nyquist (k=N/2) samples always have an imaginary component of 0.

Type Definition

typedef struct _ModuleFftFract32
    ModuleInstanceDescriptor instance;            // Common Audio Weaver module instance structure
} ModuleFftFract32Class;


Input Pins

Name: in

Description: Complex input

Data type: fract32

Channel range: Unrestricted

Block size range: 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024

Sample rate range: Unrestricted

Complex support: Real

Output Pins

Name: out

Description: Complex output

Data type: fract32

Scratch Pins

Channel count: 1

Block size: 8

Sample rate: 48000


File Name: fft_fract32_module.m

 Computes the forward FFT of real input data.  The input block 
 size must be a power of 2.  The module supports multichannel signals.
    NAME - name of the module.

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