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Deinterleaves a multichannel audio signal into separate mono signals


Deinterleaves a multichannel input signal into separate mono output channels. This is useful when you need to operate separately on individual channels.

The module has a single multichannel input pin and multiple mono output pins. At construction time, you must specify the number of output pins, which must equal the number of channels in the input. The blockSize of the input pin is propagated to all output pins.

Type Definition

typedef struct _ModuleDeinterleave
    ModuleInstanceDescriptor instance;            // Common Audio Weaver module instance structure
} ModuleDeinterleaveClass;


Input Pins

Name: in

Description: Multichannel input signal

Data type: {float, int, fract32}

Channel range: 2

Block size range: Unrestricted

Sample rate range: Unrestricted

Complex support: Real and Complex

Output Pins

Name: out1

Description: Output signal

Data type: {float, int, fract32}

Name: out2

Description: Output signal

Data type: {float, int, fract32}


File Name: deinterleave_module.m

 M=deinterleave_module(NAME, NUMOUT)
 Creates a deinterleave module for use in the Audio Weaver environment. 

    NAME - name of the module.
    NUMOUT - number of output pins.

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