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AWE Designer is a Windows-based, graphical IDE for the AWE Core™ embedded processing engine.  AWE Designer is used to easily design, debug, and tune audio processing flows in real time. Unlike other graphical tools, Audio Weaver does not generate code; instead, it generates run-time configurations for the data-driven AWE Core.  Using a palette of over 400 optimized processing modules, complex audio processing chains can be quickly designed, run, profiled and tuned on hardware without writing any DSP software.

Audio Weaver Editions

Audio Weaver comes in three different editions, STMicro Edition, Standard Edition, and Pro Edition. STMicro and Standard Editions run as stand-alone applications, while (Pro) runs as an application launched from MATLAB. The editions differ in the stand-alone editions of AWE Designer require the MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR), which will be downloaded during the install process. The Pro edition requires that the user have an installed version of MATLAB (R2017b or later recommended).

The summary of features available for the three different editions of Audio Weaver are listed in the table below.

Each edition of Audio Weaver has an associated license type. Once an account has been created on the DSP Concepts website, users can acquire evaluation licenses for the Standard and STMicro editions of Audio Weaver from the downloads page: . For questions or purchase information for non-evaluation licenses, please contact

Additional Documentation

The AWE Designer User Guide describes the features and usage of the Audio Weaver Design graphical tool. For documentation regarding other parts of the Audio Weaver ecosystem, see the following pages:

Note: PDF versions of the AWE Designer User Guide and additional documentation are available in the ‘Docs’ folder of the Audio Weaver installation.

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