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PlayBeat Reusable Subsystem

About This Application Note

The PlayBeat Reusable Subsystem Application Note contains a brief description and tuning instructions for DSP Concepts’ PlayBeat dynamic excitation Reusable Subsystem.

PlayBeat – Dynamic Excitation Reusable Subsystem

PlayBeat is DSP Concepts’ proprietary dynamic excitation algorithm. It is available as a Reusable Subsystem in AWE Designer.

PlayBeat emphasizes the signal onset in low frequencies and dynamically enhances the low frequency beat in audio streaming content. PlayBeat works for mono and stereo audio content with all sampling frequencies and block sizes.


Figure 1 shows an example layout demonstrating the PlayBeat Reusable Subsystem. This example layout is designed to run in Native Mode with a file input; audio signals must be assigned to appropriate channels for running the layout on a target device. A module for gain control (the MainVolume ScalerV2 module in this example layout) should be located after the PlayBeat Reusable Subsystem.

Figure 1: Example layout demonstrating the PlayBeat Reusable Subsystem


The PlayBeat Reusable Subsystem includes an inspector which allows users to tune the strength of dynamic excitation (the strength of low-frequency beat emphasis) using an Effect knob. The Effect knob ranges from 0 to 1, with 0 yielding no effect and 1 yielding the strongest effect. DSP Concepts recommends using 0.4 as a default. A stronger Effect setting may cause low-frequency clipping distortion.

Figure 2: PlayBeat Reusable Subsystem inspector window

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