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PlayVolumeControl Reusable Subsystem

About This Application Note

The PlayVolumeControl Reusable Subsystem Application Note contains a brief description and tuning instructions for DSP Concepts’ PlayVolumeControl perception-based volume control Reusable Subsystem.

PlayVolumeControl – Perception-Based Volume Control Reusable Subsystem

PlayVolumeControl is DSP Concepts’ proprietary perception-based volume control algorithm. It is available as a Reusable Subsystem in AWE Designer.

The PlayVolumeControl dynamically applies additional boosts to low and high frequencies based on look-up tables to compensate for differences of perceptual sensitivity in those frequency ranges as a function of the overall sound level.

PlayVolumeControl works for all sampling frequencies, block sizes, and numbers of channels.


Figure 1 shows an example layout demonstrating the PlayVolumeControl Reusable Subsystem. This example layout is designed to run in Native Mode with a file input; audio signals must be assigned to appropriate channels for running the layout on a target device.

Figure 1: Example layout demonstrating the PlayVolumeControl Reusable Subsystem


The PlayVoice Reusable Subsystem includes an inspector that allows users to change the volume gain.

Figure 2: PlayVolumeControl Reusable Subsystem inspector window

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