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Converts from linear units to decibels (db10)


Converts from linear units to decibels (db10) using a polynomial approximation. The input format is Q9.23 (values in the range +/- 128) and the output format is Q9.23 also (values in the range +/- 128). The function computes the absolute value of the input before computing the log. The output will always be in the range [48.16 -198.4738]. The results are accurate to within 8e-3 (in Q9.23).

For negative inputs the function takes the absolute value. An input of 0 returns -256.

Type Definition

typedef struct _ModuleDb10Fract32
    ModuleInstanceDescriptor instance;            // Common Audio Weaver module instance structure
} ModuleDb10Fract32Class;


Input Pins

Name: in

Description: Input signal

Data type: fract32

Channel range: Unrestricted

Block size range: Unrestricted

Sample rate range: Unrestricted

Complex support: Real

Output Pins

Name: out

Description: Output signal

Data type: fract32


File Name: db10_fract32_module.m

 M = db10_fract32_module(NAME)
 Creates an Audio Weaver module that computes the function 10*log10(abs(x))
 using a polynomial approximation.  The input and the output are Q9.23.
    NAME - name of the module.

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