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PlayWide Reusable Subsystem

About This Application Note

The PlayWide Reusable Subsystem Application Note contains a brief description and tuning instructions for DSP Concepts’ PlayWide stereo expansion Reusable Subsystem.

PlayWide –Stereo Expansion Reusable Subsystem

PlayWide is DSP Concepts’ proprietary stereo expansion algorithm. It is available as a Reusable Subsystem in AWE Designer.

PlayWide emphasizes the differences between left and right channel signals in the mid- and high- frequency ranges to increase the perceived width of a stereo playback system’s soundstage.

PlayWide works for stereo audio streams with all sampling rates and block sizes.


Figure 1 shows an example layout demonstrating the PlayWide Reusable Subsystem. This example layout is designed to run in Native Mode with a file input; audio signals must be assigned to appropriate channels for a target device.

Figure 1: Example layout demonstrating the playWide Reusable Subsystem


The PlayWide Reusable Subsystem includes an inspector which allows users to tune the strength of the stereo expansion effect. The Effect knob ranges from 0 to 1, with 0 yielding no effect and 1 yielding the strongest effect. DSP Concepts recommends using an Effect level of 0.3 as a default.

Figure 2 playWide Reusable Subsystem inspector window

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