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AWE Core, AWE Core OS

AWECore 8.D.6, AWECoreOS 8.B.16


New Features

  • Added support for QNX-based targets

  • New API that supports multirate processing on different instances

  • New 8 channel biquad VectorLib function for certain filter modules


  • Updated default channel names for some modules

  • Fixed issue with stale coefficients in subsystem by forcing recalculation during prebuild

  • Reduced the duration of certain module regression tests

  • Improved robustness of IPC buffers against multi-instance synchronization issues

  • IPCBuffer subsystem can now set Clock Divider and sublayout Thread ID

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when controlling WaveFileSink with another module

  • Fixed regression tests for Delay Reader modules

  • Fixed issue where Audio Start/Stop callbacks weren't being called on secondary instances

  • Fixed typo that affected building for 64-bit targets

  • Fixed issue where overflows on secondary instances could halt primary instance

AWECore 8.D.5, AWECoreOS 8.B.15


New Features

  • New FIR Reader module allows users to share state betwen multiple FIR filter modules

  • New GraphicEQFract32V2 module that adds frequency array to previous version


  • Updated AWE Core OS architecture to reduce audio dropouts during extended deferred processing

  • Controlling modules (ArraySet, ParamGet, ParamSet, ParamSetTableV2, StatusSetV2) can now specify when to execute relative to the module being controlled

  • Allow loading .awb's on non-multi-instance targets, even if the .awb instance ID does not align with the target's instance ID

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when loading Compiled Reusable Subsystems on multi-instance targets

AWECore 8.D.4, AWECoreOS 8.B.14


New Features

  • (BETA) New Multi-Instance feature allows processing of audio across multiple AWE Core instances on different cores in a single layout

    • New Shared Heap in AWEInstance used to enable this feature

    • Performs all IPC of audio using new IPC Buffer module

    • Released as a beta feature, with known limitations:

      • IPC Buffer module will be updated in compatibility breaking ways in future releases

      • Multi-instance audio processing approach may require application updates in future releases

      • Module regressions can only be run on Instance 0

  • New LogicAndConst Module for performing a bitwise AND operation against a provided constant value

  • New AGCLimiterCoreV2 module for implementing a multichannel limiter

  • New callback function for cache invalidation


  • Deferred calling of Module Set functions now called with 0xFFFFFF00 mask

  • Updated documentation for compatibility issue when loading older encrypted layouts

  • Updated description of MapperControl module in documentation

  • Inspector window for the Router module can now be resized

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed regression test failures for DelayReader, IIRDecimator, and IIRInterpolator modules

  • Fixed incorrect error code when loading certain invalid layouts

AWECore 8.D.3, AWECoreOS 8.B.13



  • Clarified SbSmoothV2 module's unused "sampleRate" argument in documentation

  • Improved profiling capabilities for multi-instance usage of AWE Core OS

  • Deprecated Param Set Table V1 module

  • Clarified usage of Band to Bin and Bin to Band modules in documentation

  • Corrected name of operation in Block Statistics module to "Sum of Squares"

  • Improved visibility and controllability of large source and overwrite control module inspectors

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when setting Allpass Delay modules to zero delay

  • Fixed regression test failures for ADSR, Delay Mixer Smoothed, and Pink Noise Fract32 modules

  • Fixed regression test failure for Mute Linear Fade module

  • Module Set functions are now called with 0x7fffffff when called from deferred processing, separate from calls during module construction

  • Fixed delay propagation for Multiplexor V2 module

  • Fixed issue where the AWE Core version wasn't encoded properly on SHARC targets

AWECore 8.D.2, AWECoreOS 8.B.12


New Features

  • Added support for HiFi Mini processors

  • New Mute Symmetric Module for matching fade-in/fade-out times


  • Updated documentation with Flash File System integration details

  • Improved accuracy when profiling Multi-Threaded and Multi-Instance integrations

  • Added Frequency Response feature to FIR Sparse module

  • Redesigned exponential functions for bit-exact matching between host and target module code

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with loading a Compiled Reusable Subsystem from a different folder path

  • Fixed an issue with building layouts containing a module with no input or output pins

  • Fixed the FIR Interpolator module's latency calculation

  • Fixed an issue with the Symmetric Scaler module's gradient calculation of negative numbers

  • Fixed an issue with loading saved parameters in BandToBin modules from AWJ layouts

  • Made allocation of memory for the Compiled Reusable Subsystem more flexible to avoid errors on memory limited systems

AWECore 8.D.1, AWECoreOS 8.B.11


New Features

  • New Peak Finder module for detecting multiple signal peaks in an audio block

  • New API function for loading AWBs from the Flash File System


  • Optimized performance of AWE Core's Audio Import/Export API functions

  • AWE Core will assume Single Heap functionality based on the number of heaps provided

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed broken image links in the AWE Core API documentation

  • Fixed an issue where saved values in the Mixer module were not being saved

  • Fixed an issue with multiple controlling modules accessing the same module

  • Fixed an issue where the ADSR module wouldn't release if triggered before sustain

  • Fixed AWE_Server crash when using certain ASIO device configurations

  • Fixed an issue with output data resolution in the PinkNoise module

  • Fixed an issue when opening UpFirDnConverter’s Inspector while running the layout

  • Fixed an internal memory leak in AWECoreOS

AWECore 8.C.15, AWECoreOS 8.B.10


New Features


  • Reduced build error for simultaneous ParamSet accesses to a warning message

  • Added support for multicore AWECore instances on the same hardware core

  • Introduced option for memory bounds checking on array access commands

  • Users no longer need to provide BUILD64 when compiling for 64-bit targets

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed regression test failure for the Biquad Sparse V6 module

  • Fixed issue where the Inspector would not update Mixer V3's mix table

  • Fixed issue where the SoftClipFract32 Inspector would not display the correct gain

AWE Core 8.C.14, AWE Core OS 8.B.9


New Features

  • Added support for Arm® Cortex™-M55 and Ethos™-U55 processors

  • Created new Null Source module for advanced wire routing


  • Corrected awe_audioGetPumpMask's return value for an overflowed layout

  • Supported number of input/output channels has been increased from 64 to 255v

  • ParamSet can now access unsigned integer variables

  • Added check to prevent multiple ParamSet modules from accessing the same variable

  • Flash File System minimum filename length increased to 56 chars

Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue that could cause audio artifacts with certain biquad filters

AWE Core 8.C.13, AWE Core OS 8.B.8


Bug Fixes

  • Removed unnecessary memory allocations while instantiating modules

  • Fixed Sink inspector to work after changes in Designer

AWE Core 8.C.12, AWE Core OS 8.B.7


New Features


  • Expanded Audio Weaver Core API to selectively control profiling

  • Added check that Buffer Down module does not clock divide faster than allowed

  • Improved error reporting when changing frequencies with Graphic Equalizer module

  • Added "Resonant" filter option to all Second Order Filter modules

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where unchecked maxTaps values could cause crashes in certain filter modules

  • Fixed issue where StatusSet module sent stale data upon initialization

  • Fixed issue where certain subsystem modules would not appear in the Module Tests dialog window

  • Fixed issue where some Biquad Sparse modules would not display the names of the filterType argument

  • Fixed issue where the incorrect Router Smoothed module inspectors would appear if there was more than 16 channels

AWE Core 8.C.11, AWE Core OS 8.B.6


New Feature

  • Created TableSourceV2 module to support multichannel outputs and indexing


  • Improved test coverage, reporting, and performance for multiple modules

  • All Scaler modules now have consistent triangle icons in module browser

Bug Fixes

  • Improved test coverage, reporting, and performance for multiple modules

  • SetWireProperties module now properly protects against negative arguments

  • Tablesource module updated to propagate correct sample rate

AWE Core 8.C.10, AWE Core OS 8.B.5


New Features

  • New UpFIRDnConverter module allows for efficient sample rate conversions for non-integer ratios

  • New SOFControlV3 adds option to choose between Direct Form 1 or 2 implementations for biquads

  • AWECoreOS: new API to return ID's of internal threads, allowing application to set CPU affinity per thread

  • Added support for TI C66xx builds


  • Module constructors now have access to the calling AWEInstance struct

  • Made several TableInterp and TableInterpXY module fixes and improvements

  • MultichannelMixerSmoothed module now checks for control input pin being a valid size

  • Made robustness and performance improvements to WaveFileSource and WaveFileSink modules

  • Improved error message for invalid values for BufferDown module

  • Usage improvements made to the SOFControl module variables and range checking

  • Improved performance of the hold feature in SbAttackRelease module for fast attack times

  • Improved output channel names for the WhiteNoise module

  • MATLAB add_argument function now documented

  • If enabled, the profiling report will now print size of Wire Buffer Pool

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed null pointer access when modules failed to allocate sufficient memory in constructor

  • Fixed bug in White Noise module not sending random generator seed value to target

  • BufferUpV2 and BufferDownV2 modules updated to reject invalid buffer up/down factors

  • The SampleAndHold module now has consistent behavior

  • Corrected the latency calculation of the Downsampler module

  • Example AWD file Mixing_Console_Example.awd now uses a relative audio path

  • Updated some tests to run successfully on Hexagon targets

AWE Core 8.C.9, AWE Core OS 8.B.4


New Features

  • New BufferUpV2 and BufferDownV2 modules allow multiple sublayouts with the same clock divider to be generated

  • New module FilterBankFIRNChan allows for efficient implementation of long FIRs with different coefficients per channel


  • TableInterpRuntime module is no longer deprecated

  • Improved organization and architecture for AWECore header files

  • SetWireProperties now returns a clearer error message in the prebuild function

Bug Fixes

  • Updated common modules to pass regression tests on fixed point targets

  • Fixed smoothing sync issue across all channels in ThreeBandToneControl module, float and fract32 versions

  • test_triggered_file_sink_rt.m now completes even if MATLAB working directory is "c:"

  • Fixed test_system_variable_rt.m to pass in Native mode

  • PinkNoise module updated to pass system level test

  • Updated RunningMinMax to have the correct type of momentary reset control

  • Deleted buggy Fractional delay float and fract32 modules. Use v2 versions instead (float and fract32)

  • Corrected MuteSyncFract32 browser name

  • Object ID now properly populated for wire buffers

  • Fixed memory access violation on certain 64-bit build systems

  • Corrected awe_audioIsStarted function documentation

  • Added missing documentation for virtual modules, like marker, annotations, etc.

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