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Pink noise generator


This subsystem generates pink noise by combining a white noise generate and a filter The RMS output level is 0 dB

Type Definition

-Not Shown-


Output Pins

Name: out

Description: audio output

Data type: float

Scratch Pins

Channel count: 1

Block size: 32

Sample rate: 48000

Channel count: 1

Block size: 32

Sample rate: 48000


File Name: pink_noise_subsystem.m

 SYS=pink_noise_subsystem(NAME, SR, NUMCHANNELS, BLOCKSIZE)
 Creates a module which outputs pink noise at a specified standard
 deviation.  Internally, the module uses a white noise generator
 followed by an IIR filter.  Arguments:
    NAME - name of the module.
    SR - sample rate.  This must be set since this is an output module.
    NUMCHANNELS - number of interleaved channels in each output pin.
    BLOCKSIZE - number of samples per output channel.

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