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Propagates feedback settings to a feedback wire prior to pre-build


The feedback settings module allows layout variables to be applied as feedback settings. It is used in Audio Weaver Designer to change feedback wire settings automatically with variables in cases where inheriting from input is inconvenient. The module is virtual (.isVirtual=1) and is removed when the system is built. This module depends on the presence of at least one layout variable in its arguments to work properly.

Type Definition

typedef struct _ModuleFeedbackSettings
    ModuleInstanceDescriptor instance;            // Common Audio Weaver module instance structure
} ModuleFeedbackSettingsClass;


Input Pins

Name: in

Description: Input signal

Data type: {float, int, fract32}

Channel range: Unrestricted

Block size range: Unrestricted

Sample rate range: Unrestricted

Complex support: Real and Complex

Output Pins

Name: out

Description: Output signal

Data type: {float, int, fract32}


File Name: feedback_settings_module.m

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